Fida and Amir

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Disclaimer: This a work of complete fantasy set in another world. If that is not apparent to you, then you need urgent psychiatric help. I do not condone violence towards other humans.

This story contains all manners of violence, torture and deviancies. If that is not your cup of tea, I suggest you turn back now.
Tags: m/F, bdsm, inc, sad, scat, snuff, tort, ws, cons, rom, humil

Ch. 1

Fida is a 48 year old lady. She is the mother of Amir, who is 22 years old. Like a proper Muslim lady, she always wears burqa and niqab whenever she goes outside her home, inside the house however, she looks like a goddess; With her 37 DD breasts, aged yet pretty face, and milky white skin, she looks like a complete knockout. Even though she was a bit overweight, she had an air of sluttiness around her which used to drive Amir crazy ever since he hit puberty.

Amir is a doctor. He is tall (6 feet), muscular and has a 10 inch long dick. His father Shamheed had died 5 years back of a heart attack, so this family only consisted of the mother and son.

It was nearly 3 years back, on a sleepless winter night that as Amir was going to the bathroom, he passed by Fida’s room. There, he heard strange, carnal guttural noises emanating from his mother’s room, from across the closed door. Trying the handle, He found it unlocked. Opening the door a little he peeked inside to check on his mother. As he did, he got the greatest shock of his life. Before his own eyes, his sweet old mother was furiously masturbating herself with a huge double headed dildo. With one end of the dildo in her ass and the other end in her pussy, she was repeatedly muttering “Fuck! Fuck! Fuuuuuck!”, as she struggled to bring herself to an orgasm, which at that point seemed completely out of reach. Amir watched wide eyed, as his prim and proper, religious mother grunted and sweated like an animal in heat. Fida violently pinched her nipples and tugged on them with her left hand, while moving the dildo with the other. “UUUNNNHHHH!” she grunted, as she had a brief climax. She buckled on the bed for a few seconds before calming down. After which, Fida turned over and fell sleep. To Amir, who saw the entire show, it looked like his mother was very lonely and sexually unsatisfied. Going back to his own bed, Amir furiously shafted his rock hard cock while replaying the scene of his mother masturbating, over and over again in his mind…

The next day being Sunday, Amir slept in late. When Fida came to wake up her sleeping son, she noticed the huge tent in her son’s pajamas formed by his massive morning wood. While Fida was silently staring at her son’s magnificent cock, Amir stirred and got up. “What’s up mom?” he said, smirking as he saw her looking at his manhood. “Nothing son, breakfast is ready.” She said hurrying out of the room, blushing furiously. At the breakfast table, mother and son ate quietly for a while before Amir broke the silence and asked “What’s wrong mother? You are very quiet today.”. “It’s just that….. I have been thinking about how much of a grown up man you have become”, Fida said, smiling. “You look just like him, you know? Your dad would have been so proud of you, if he was still with us.” Said Fida tearing up a bit. “You miss him a lot don’t you mom?” Amir said, wiping the tears off his mother’s cheek. “I do son, but I still have you.” said Fida. Hearing that, Amir came close and hugged his mom tightly.” You know I love you mom” he said, kissing Fida on the lips. Fida was stunned as Amir’s massive hard on returned and pushed against her stomach over her kurta. Coming back to her senses, Fida pushed Amir away, who had by that time, already put his tongue inside his mother’s mouth. “What are you doing son?” Fida shouted, her face reddening in embarrassment. “There is no need to resist mother,” said Amir, reaching and grabbing her pussy over her kameez. At the touch of her son’s rough hand over her womanhood, her body acted involuntarily and she came, gushing inside her clothes. She went weak in her knees and fell to the floor. “See mom? This is how unsatisfied you are.” Amir said, taking his cock out from top of his pajamas. “I love you mom, let me satisfy your needs…” he said, bringing the cock near Fida’s red lips. Fida, who was still consumed in the afterglow of her orgasm, opened her mouth and gave her son’s cock a lick. Seeing that, Amir pushed his cock beyond her lips into her hot and wet mouth and Fida started to suck his cock.

As his mother started bobbing her head up and down on his cock, he started thrusting his cock further and further down Fida’s eager throat. When he was about 2/3rd in, Fida started gagging, but to Amir’s surprise, she didn’t try to take his cock out but instead, increased the speed of her head. Fida looked up straight into Amir’s eyes while his cock ravaged her throat. Seeing his mom act like such a slut, Amir couldn’t help himself and started coming. Pulling his dick out from his mother’s throat, he came all over her forehead, eyes, nose and lips. Fida then used her fingers to lap up and eat the cum off her face. After that, Amir held his mother’s hand and wordlessly led her into his bedroom. After ripping off her clothes, Amir checked her hairy cunt and found it to be overflowing. Fida was trembling in anticipation, as Amir brought his renewed cock to the entrance of his own birthplace. He entered her with a single thrust, bringing a sharp gasp from Fida, as 8 inches of her sons cock entered her vaginal canal and pushed upon her cervix. Amir started humping her hard immediately, while he played, sucked, chewed and bit on her milky white breast and dark nipples. Strongly biting the right nipple, he pulled on the whole breast, bringing a scream from Fida. He felt her pussy getting wet and clamping down on his cock as she shuddered with another thundering orgasm ripping through her body. “Cumming mom!!” Amir grunted, as he neared his orgasm. “Yes my son! Come inside and fill up your mother’s womb…” she moaned. Pushing his cock in till the hilt, he firmly pushed up against her cervix and came into her hungry womb.

Kissing his mother for a full two minutes, Amir said “from now on ma, I will be taking care of all your needs, you will be my woman now, OK?” With tears in her eyes Fida nodded happily, then said “Of course beta (son-Hindi), from now on I am your lover, wife, slave and painslut. I will do whatever you want me to but, I do have a request in return…” “Which is?” asked her son, looking very surprised seeing the sudden change in his mother’s demeanor.  “I want you to beat and whip me once in a while” she said, smirking as she saw the look of shock on her son’s face, “Look beta, I know you fantasize about hardcore S&M, and I also used to be your father’s slave while he was alive…. So, I want you to take his place and become my new master…” listening to that Amir got another painful erection. “Of course mom, I would love to be able to do whatever I want with you but are you sure? I mean…” he said scratching his head “I can hurt you pretty bad you know.”. “Yes master, I am completely sure about this, other than your late father you are the only man I have ever loved, so I want you to use me however you want and fulfill your deepest and darkest desires”.

“Fine then, mom. If you are ok with it, I would love to beat you up and even break a few bones sometime.” Said Amir, caressing her pussy, which was leaking out his cum by now.  “Say, would you like a beating now, as a sort of a slavery initiation ritual?” Said Rahul feeding her the cum that he had scooped out of her pussy. Hearing that, a huge smile crossed across Fida’s face, she hurriedly got up and said, “Wait a min son, I will be right back.” and hurried off to her bedroom. Sitting down in front of the dresser, with her heart pounding in anticipation, she quickly put on a heavy makeup like she had seen in the movies that her son had on his laptop, after that, she put on a niqab (veil) and came back to her son’s room. “I have a great idea son… You only get to take off my niqab and fuck me after you beat me unconscious.” Said Fida holding Amir’s huge hand up to her face. “I love it mom…” said Amir kissing her over her niqab. Amir then proceeded to tie up his veiled, otherwise naked mother’s hands behind her back and the 45 year old, naked, hijabi slut eagerly awaited her son’s fist in the middle of the bedroom.

Standing naked in front of his bound mother, Amir had a raging hard on. He checked Fida’s pussy for moisture and found it dripping. Smearing her juices over his hand, Rahul started the beating with a hard punch on Fida’s plump little belly. She doubled over as the air was knocked right out of her, but managed to stay on her feet. Amir then hit his mother’s veiled face with his knee, causing Fida to fall sideways onto the hard marble floor, due to which, blood started pouring out of her nose. As she rolled around the floor crying in pain, Amir showed no restraint, kicking her in the belly and the chest a couple of times, bringing sharp screams from the veiled woman. He then separated her legs using both his hands and stomped on her pussy 4 times. Surprisingly enough, this caused his mother to go into convulsions, as she came and squirted all over his foot. At this point Amir’s hard on was practically throbbing with pain. He walked over to her head and delivered a huge kick right to her temple causing her head to fly to the other side. This caused an explosion in Fida’s right ear as after which all she could hear was a ringing noise for a few mins. Amir sat down on her belly, making it very difficult for her to breathe, he slapped her hard and asked “still conscious bitch?” . “Yes son, quickly now,” she answered between gasps, “finish it already. I need your cock in me, my master”. Not needing any more encouragement, he started punching her veiled face with both hands. After about 6 punches, he realized that Fida had gone limp and passed out.

Finally Amir took off Fida’s veil and saw that the makeup that she had put on, had run off because of all the tears and blood. She was bleeding from her nose and the edge of her mouth, her right eye was also bruised. Not willing to wait anymore Amir knelt in between his mother’s white soft asscheeks and pushed his way into her ass. He kissed his unconscious mother as he made love to her ravaged body. Tasting her blood from her mouth, quickly sent him over the edge, making him cum buckets right up the ass of his former mother; now unconscious slave. He kept his cock in Fida’s ass while he slowly became flaccid. Feeling the urge to pee, he took his cock out of Fida’s ass and stood over her face. Aiming at her open mouth, he let out a stream of yellow pee.

Fida woke up coughing and sputtering as a bit of the pee trickled into her lungs through her throat. She gagged, coughed and retched violently for a full 10 minutes only to puke all over Amir’s foot at the end. Amir knelt down beside his mother and stroked her back and her pussy as her fit of coughing subsided. “I am so sorry master, I got your feet dirty.” Said Fida her eyes red and face swelled up with ruined makeup. “It’s ok mom, but I will have to punish you for this. Why don’t you clean up this mess, think of a punishment and tell me slave.” “Of course master” said Fida as she lapped at her son’s feet using her tongue like a dog. After Fida was done lapping up her own puke off her son’s feet, Amir untied her hands. Afterwards, the mother and son pair took a loving shower together. As Amir ploughed his naked wet mother’s ass on the slippery bathroom, she told him of her idea regarding the punishment. Hearing the idea, Amir was shocked to learn, that his mother who he once respected, was way more depraved than any woman he had ever known…

Ch. 2

After their adventure into depravity, the lives of the mother and son changed completely. Amir had become her master as Fida gave herself completely to her son. He forbade her from wearing clothes at home. And when she was allowed to go out she was only permitted to wear burqa and niqab with nothing he didn’t want to injure her any further before her previous injuries healed, so he found more and more creative ways to humiliate her and make her come. He had her piss and shit in public from under her burqa, had her suck dogs and fuck them in the park at midnight. But he decided to wait for 2 weeks before he administered the punishment that Fida herself had suggested…

It was soon the appointed Saturday night when Amir planned to punish Fida. As he tied his mothers hands together behind her back, each and every word his haram slut told him, replayed in his ear, “Master, if you wish to me use me as a toilet you will need to remove my gag reflex, you can train by feeding me an entire weeks garbage, and if I don’t eat you can put a tube down my throat and force feed me. Please master train your slut’s mouth and throat, so she can serve you better.”. His mother had dutifully collected the last week’s trash, and it remained sealed within two large garbage bag, which lay on the huge plastic cover, which she had spread over the floor of the basement. After tying her up Amir turned off the light of the basement and walked back up the stairs.

When Amir returned a few minutes later, Fida saw that he was holding his ashtray, which was filled to the brim with cigarettes and ash. Fida had always found the smell of cigarettes repulsive and just by the sight alone, she felt nauseous. Amir set down the ashtray besides his naked bound mother who was waiting on the floor. “Open your mouth and stick out your tongue toilet.” Fida giggled and then stuck out her tongue, opening her mouth as wide as she could. Amir gathered up a massive amount of spit and spat directly into her mouth. Her face turning red, she gobbled up her sons spit and mucus hungrily. The very next moment the smile disappeared from her face as Amir punched her in the side of the head. “Did I say that you can swallow it whore?” he yelled at her. “” Please forgive your dumb whore of a mother, master.”. “Ok cunt, but I will not tolerate this sort of behavior henceforth, got it?” said Rahul, slapping her again. Amir then picked up some of the cigarette butts along with a copious amount of ash and stuffed into Fida’s mouth, the reaction was immediate and much more than Amir thought it would be. While Fida tried her best to hold onto the stinky mess in her mouth, within seconds she gagged and spit up a few of the butts, realizing her mistake she immediately hit the ground and sucked up the butts that fell out of her mouth. Amir watched in amusement as his mother tried to hold the mess in her mouth in between retching noises. He then took another old cigarette butt and shoved the burnt end into Fida’s right nostril, she sneezed almost immediately and the butt flew out of her nose, “sho shorry master.” She said with mess still in her mouth Amir then pinched her nipples with his nails and tugged and slapped her ample bosom. He then put the butt back in her nostril and followed it up with one in her left as well, then with butts still in her nose he pinched them shut and told her to swallow. Fida, managing to somehow hold back the nausea and repulsion, swallowed the cigarette butts and ash, then showed her mouth to her master for inspection.

Fida’s entire tongue was now black, as the repulsive taste and smell covered her mouth completely. Amir took one of the garbage bags and started pouring all the mess over his mother. She gagged again as the full stench of days old rotten trash assaulted her.  Putting on a yellow rubber glove, He grabbed hold of some of the rotten food in the mess and rubbed it on Fida’s face. He then proceeded to take two slices of mold covered bread, putting a rotten egg in between them, he asked his mother to open wide. Fida hesitated, looking at what he was going to feed her, which earned her another two punches. She then complied hastily and opened her mouth, after which he shoved the rotten sandwich into it. As soon as she closed her mouth, the egg broke and she immediately retched furiously. Amir held her mouth shut with his right hand, while holding her head in place by her hair, making it impossible for her to puke as she gagged and retched for a full 5 minutes into Amir’s glove covered hand. As Fida crushed the gooey mess of rotten bread, eggshell and the stinky egg juice in her mouth, fighting back waves of nausea, she somehow managed to chew the rotten food and swallow it. After which, she stuck out her tongue and started panting like a dog. “Please master give me some water.” Fida said in between sounds of retching and gagging.

Amir made Fida squat over a transparent glass bowl. Teasing and slapping her pussy, he told her to piss in the bowl. In a few seconds, Fida strained and released a steady stream of urine which was broken up as Amir slapped her pussy while she peed. The bowl was half filled when the stream stopped. “Is that all mother?” Amir asked squeezing her flabby underbelly with his fingers. “Yes master I have no more pee left”. Amir then rummaged through the garbage and found an expired milk carton, whose contents he added to the bowl as Fida looked on in apprehension. Going back upstairs, he came back down with a bottle of paint thinner which he added, in no small amount, to the curdy yellow mixture in the bowl. . Pulling her head back by her hair, he ordered her to open her mouth. Fida trembled as she slowly opened her mouth to its maximum diameter and saw her son raising the bowl over her head.

As Amir started pouring the contents of the bowl into her gaping mouth pussy, “ooowwwaack, owaaaakk, owaak” Fida retched as she tried to swallow the vile mixture. Much of it spilled past her mouth and onto her face and dripped onto her breasts, covering her naked body. The paint thinner in the mixture started acting almost immediately, as Fida’s world started to spin. Playing, what he knew to be his mother’s favorite Arabian song, Amir told his high, dazed and confused mother “Dance for me whore.”. To Fida, it seemed as if Amir was speaking to her from far away. Her vision was blurred and her surroundings moved to and fro, as she tried to match her steps to the warped music. Opening the other bag, Amir took out some of the stuff he had purposefully put in the garbage, in preparation for today. Pulling out a small plastic bag full of thumbtacks, he ripped it open and spread the tacks all around her swaying feet. Her barely functioning brain only registered the pain only after she had taken a few steps. With the thumbtacks already stuck deep into her soles, she let out an ear piercing scream fell flat onto the thumbtacks. She rolled onto her side and shivered and sobbed on the floor.

Amir put on boots so he could walk on the needle covered floor. While kicking Fida in the pussy, the tip of the boot tore through her vagina’s entrance and entered her canal. Fida tried to crawl away in delirium. Seeing this Amir stomped down on the back of her head, smashing her face onto the thumbtacks. Keeping his foot firmly planted on the back of his mother’s head, Amir said “according to what you said, I should make you eat the thumbtacks mother”. “But I… I will die son!” Said Fida, in between wails and sobs. “So?” asked Amir, as he reached out and fingered her pussy and teased her clit. “If you want me to master, then I will do it for you.” said Fida, in between sobs. Grabbing her hair, he pulled her to a stand and put his dick in her pussy. Like that, he fucked her, as she screamed and moaned, standing and bleeding on thumbtacks. “Don’t worry mom, I intend to torture you for a long long time, before I finally snuff your haram ass.” The mother and son increased their crescendo and finally came together. As Amir let go of Fida, she fell back onto the floor. Sighing in disappointment, he dragged her back upstairs by her legs like a rag doll.

Ch. 3

It took Fida almost a whole month to recover fully. Amir lovingly took care of her and fucked her each night. Spooning his mother, he brought his hands to the front. Picking her right tit up by her nipple, he started wiggling her meat sack, “I just love how flabby your tits are mom.” He said smiling. “You should, after all, you were the one who sucked on these bags and made them this way” Fida told Amir, turning back her head and kissing him. “I think I want to make your tits even baggier mom.” “If you want to my son, you can even cut them off and eat them.” “Ok, it’s decided then, I am going to torture your right tit so much, that it will hang down up to your pussy.”. That day Rahul bought a piercing gun and pierced Fida all over her body including the nipples, bellybutton, eyebrows, tongue, 3 in each of her cunt lips, her clit and her ears.

From that day forth, Amir began to torture her right tit. It started out with normal bondage. At first, only for the time, when he was playing with her. But soon he started tieing her tit for more prolonged times, stretching out to hours on end. Soon, this progressed to severe beating of Fida’s right boob using all sorts of tools like, a big spoon, the whip and even a wooden club. He pierced her tit with red hot needles and skewers, nailed her right tit on beam and branches and left her hanging in the air. After 4 months of such rigorous torture, they saw that Fida’s tit had started changing, it was not as firm as it was at the beginning and had become somewhat lax. But that did not stop Amir from continuing to abuse Fida’s right boob. Instead, he even increased the intensity of torture that he was committing on his mother’s right tit. He often stuck her tit in places that would make her cry and scream for hours. So, Fida’s tit was tortured with the door of the car, the cover of a heavy wooden chest, the vice and the steel door of the boiler room. Amir even had Fida build a tit press for him, it was made of thick iron plates and had about 15 cm wide pads for here tit. When he used it on Fida for the first time, she immediately felt the full weight of 25 kilos on her tit. The press not only squeezed her tit, but also pulled hard on her tormented tit. Almost every day, her son took worked rigorously on her tit. Soon, the destruction of the chest muscles, connective tissue and skin firmness was unstoppable and Fida’s right tit hung almost up to her pussy.

It was Almost two years later, a week before their anniversary. Amir returned from work with huge suitcase. As usual, his eager fuck toy of a mother waited for him at the door completely naked. He kissed her deep, right at the open door, pulling her inside, he quickly unzipped and took out his cock. Feeding it down Fida’s throat, he emptied his bladder almost directly into her stomach. By this time, this was a daily ritual for the mother and son pair. Taking his cock out, he used her flabby right tit to clean his cock of Fida’s saliva and his piss. “Mom I was thinking that we should take a vacation and go to our house in manali. It’s been such a long time since we last risked your life, I think it’s time for another snuff game, dear mother.” He said caressing her face. “I think it’s a great idea son, let me pack some clothes,” said Fida positively beaming. “Yes pack up some clothes for me you won’t be needing any.” Amir said, “Since you might die, I don’t want to be seen travelling with you so, I will put you in the suitcase and put you in the trunk of the car.” “I can’t wait my master, my son, and my love.” Said Fida kissing her son’s feet.

Soon, Fida finished packing and submitted herself to her son. Amir had bought a huge roll of barbwire earlier, which he put besides his kneeling mother. First he cuffed Fida’s hands behind her back and ratcheted the cuffs until she squealed and trembled from the first jolt of new pain. He attached another set of heavier manacles just above her elbows and employed the same process of tightening the screws. By this time, Fida’s pussy had begun dribbling, much to her son’s amusement. As Amir wound the first layer of barbed around Fida’s middle and carefully tightened it using leather gloves to protect himself, Fida groaned and squealed as the barbs cut into her flesh and blood began seeping from where those wire tangles were now embedded. That however, was nothing compared to the racket Fida made when he pulled the double strands of wire down through her cunt lips and then up the cleft made by her plump ass cheeks. Amir jammed a rubber pump gag into Fida’s mouth and inflated it until her cheeks bulged. To check it, he pulled on the wire that cut her pussy mouth in two, all Amir got were some tears from her eyes, and a stronger flow of pussy sludge. Satisfied, he resumed using the barbed wire to restrain her. He looped a strand around each tit at the base and yanked it tight until the blood ran. He pulled the ends around her back and on the return made second loops that cut Fida’s tits in half. Fida started to get nervous because of all the blood she was losing, Amir however, didn’t seem too concerned. He held her bleeding tits away from the chest wall, so more barbed wire could be wrapped around her torso. He pulled the wires so tight that she was beginning to have trouble breathing. That made him smile. After that, he dropped Fida’s tits back on the barbs, puncturing the underside of her saggy tits. Thus, he continued to wrap his mother’s body in barbed wire, all the way from her chest, down to her manacled ankles. Next he carefully picked her up and shuffled her barbed wire covered body into the large suitcase and zipped and locked it. He rolled her out to the car and heaved the suitcase into the trunk. Then Amir locked the house and started the 6 hour long drive to manali.

He reached 7 hours later, it was snowing for two days in manali and the whole city looed breathtakingly beautiful. He had only stopped once to open the suitcase and pee into Fida’s mouth, after which he replaced the gag. Reaching their isolated villa, Amir took the luggage inside the house.  He rolled his blood soaked fuck-toy onto cold and hard wooden floor. Unravelling the wire wrap around his mother’s body, he took out the gag in the end. As Fida got up, she was very unstable at her feet. Amir held his mother like a princess and carried her to the bed, there he treated the skin punctures, after which the mother and son combo fucked whole night long, in the cold weather, under the warm quilt, while he told her about the new game that he had thought up for her to play.

The next morning, he was woken up by the very familiar sensation of his mother’s tongue inside his asshole. Taking off the quilt, he saw Fida’s lovely white face practically making out with his ass. “Ready mom? Here it comes…” said Amir, as he pulled back his leg with his hand and started straining. Fida applied a steady suction using her mouth, as Amir pushed out turd after turd. By now, Fida had become an expert in swallowing her son’s shit and did this for him every morning. After Amir had finished shitting, he pissed into Fida’s mouth, after which the 47 year old woman cleaned her mouth. When she was done, Amir put his dick up Fida’s ass and covered them both up with a quilt. Just like that, the mother and son walked outside, into the forest at the back of their house, naked but joined at the hips. Amir lovingly kissed and caressed Fida’s face and neck, telling her how much he would miss her toileting skills, if she did die. He showed her the spot that he had picked out, where she would soon be buried alive for two days until their anniversary. As Amir came for the third time in Fida’s ass, her pussy silently dribbled hot sludge onto the snow where it sizzled.

Ch. 4

The mother and son spend the afternoon inside the house, smoking weed and fucking. Amir wanted to give her the best fuck of her life, in the off chance that she does not survive. He came in her pussy eight times that afternoon, pulling and tugging on her clit ring, every single time. Fida had continuous orgasms for hours. As evening came around, both mother and son were exhausted. Fida went to sleep Amir went and got the chain from the suitcase. Coming back to his sleeping mother, he saw her right tit had fallen of the edge of the bed. Caressing her lovely face, he said, “Mother its time.” “Let me sleep for a little while longer son” said Fida, sleepily. Amir then stepped on her tit which was on the floor, and started whipping her torso with the heavy steel chain. Fida’s eyes flew wide open, as the sudden surge of pain hit Fida like an oncoming train. She struggled against the weight of her son’s leg, crushing her right mammary, but Amir’s foot kept her nailed to the spot. “I am awake!” she screamed, in between wails. Amir let her up and told her to get the shovel and the 8 feet long plastic tube.

As Fida carried these things out, in the snowy evening while being completely naked, Amir came out wearing a double layer of sweater, a vest and a jacket. He smiled, as he remembered how his mother insisted that he wear all these layers, “Listen to what your mother is saying, son.” she told him, her breasts wobbling, as she scolded Amir. “At times like those,” Amir thought, “I can never say no to her.” He whipped Fida’s wobbling white ass, with the icy cold steel chain, in order to make her walk faster. “AAAIIII!!!!” Shrieked Fida, as the cold steel took off a considerable amount of skin from her lascivious looking ass, her pussy had also started to drip continuously by that time and she left behind a trail of sizzling drops on the ground, behind her. After about a 20 min walk (and about fifty lashes later), they reached the clearing in the jungle, which he had shown her earlier that day. Throwing the shovel at Fida, Amir commanded his mother to dig her own grave. Naked and shivering from the intense cold, Fida started to dig. *thwishh* Fida gasped, as the skin from another spot on her back got ripped off, “faster mom!” shouted Amir, as he flogged her lascivious white back, with the steel chains. With tears streaming down her face, Fida started digging faster. Each time she slowed, it earned her more lashings as punishment.

It took almost two hours for Fida, after furious digging, to make a whole on the ground which was around six feet deep. She was only allowed to rest two times during the whole ordeal, while Amir fucked her throat. As Amir shouted “enough“, Fida stopped digging and fell in the whole, her chubby body sprawling out on the floor of the newly dug grave. Getting inside the whole himself, he kissed her deep for two whole minutes, then he put the gimp mask, with the attached harness, on his mother’s head. He then attached the harness to the hard plastic tube and told her to hold the tube steady with both her hands, as he filled the grave back up. Fida thought “This is it.” and had another short orgasm. After Amir climbed back out, he started to pour the dirt back into the grave, on his mother. As the dirt and rocks covered Fida up, burying her in complete darkness, she started to panic a little. Covering up his mother’s grave up to the top, he flattened the soil with the back of the shovel. Taking his dick out, peed all over the freshly packed earth and also into the tube, in response, he heard a series of cough from Fida.” Good bye mom, I love you.” said Amir into the tube. “I love you too, son.” Said Fida, as the layers of earth on top of her, started to slowly warm her freezing body.

With her whole body engulfed and paralyzed in absolute darkness, she started losing her sense of time.  Out of the next 10 hours she spent most of the time, dozing off and having wet dreams. Occasionally her son came and pissed and poured her lunch (his own shit liquefied and mixed with milk) down the tube and said a few words of encouragement. Fida was very grateful for this source of nutrition, as it took her mind off the continuous insect bites and the unbearable itching around her crotch and ass where, she had shit and pissed herself. After around 36 hours of being buried alive, Fida started panicking and started screaming into the tube. When her son came out later to feed her, he heard the sound of wailing coming from the tube, “What’s wrong mom?”, “I can’t do this anymore son, I just can’t, I have to take a bath!” she screamed exasperated. “What?! Is that all bitch?! That’s why you are making such a ruckus?” Amir admonished his slave, “You will stay quiet. And you will also stay without any food or piss for the next 24 hours.” “No! No! No! No…Not another 24 hours“, she cried. “Bitch, if you have a problem with that, then I will close the tube right now, leave and never come back.” Amir said smirking. Hearing that, she immediately shut up, scared shitless from the prospect of dying like that.

If the last 36 hours were bad, what followed was hell, her son didn’t even visit her once. As minutes stretched to hours, Sapna was convinced that her son had finally gotten tired of her and has left her there to die. When Amir returned 24 hours later to dig her back up, he heard a gentle sobbing coming from the tube. After about 4 hours of digging, he had reached to a depth of 4 foot. Suddenly, Fida rose up from the dirt, throwing Amir off balance. He tried steading himself, standing on his flailing mother. Bending down, he took the gimp mask with the harness off her head. Her whole body, hair below the neck were all completely covered by mud. Her head, pussy and ass however, were caked in shit and piss. Fida was bawling loudly, as Amir couldn’t help but start laughing at the sight of his crazed mother. He then covered her up with a blanket and carried her back into their house.

After a long hot bath, Fida looked much more relaxed, even though her body was almost completely covered in bites and swellings. After she walked out of the shower, Amir asked her “So what do you want to do mom? Rest in the bed? Fuck? Or do you want to eat something first?” “Sex first, food later.” she said, smiling and kissing her son. The mother and son fucked all morning, all the fear and abuse making Fida hornier than she had ever been in her whole life. She rode her son, cowgirl, as he bit and chewed on her right nipple. After that, they ate the feast that her son had cooked for her. And soon, she fell asleep with her son’s cock lodged deep within her ass.

Ch. 5

After that day, confinement play became one of Amir’s favorites. He knew that Fida was absolutely terrified of that (after getting buried alive), and he relished each ounce of fear and agony that he could inflict, on her pretty white face. Besides all that, being terrified also kept Fida in a continuous, super horny state.

For “storing” her, he used a custom built, full metal case, 4*4*4 foot in dimensions. It was designed in a way that, Fida had to be bent and cramped into it, after attaching the life support system. The life support system was designed to be automated, with its own power backup lasting for about 4 days. As such, it was a collection of electrical pumps with tubes running out of them and into Fida. Fida who had been an electrical engineer (before she left her job after getting pregnant with Amir, designed the device herself, based on Amir’s specifications. three of the tubes were for fluid exchanges and one other was fitted with a mask, giving her, a steady supply of fresh air. Out of the three liquid tubes, one went in through her nostril, into her stomach directly, feeding her with whatever was put in the container attached outside. At regular intervals the pump would activate filling her stomach with the liquefied sludge. Similarly two other much thicker tubes went into her urethra and her anus which, at regular intervals, emptied out her bladder and colon. The metal case also had a slot, which when opened, gave Amir full access to her pussy, for use whenever he needed. Thus, with her legs and arms bent and tied, she was stuffed into the case and left like that, sometimes for weeks on end. Amir had a night vision camera installed on the top (of the inside of the case), giving him a full view of Fida’s face. He often watched her on the tele and masturbated, watching the fear and horniness mingled expressions on his mother’s face.

He often experimented on her with different forms of mental and physical tortures, while she was “stored away”. He often starved her, stopped her excretory functions, for up to days at times. Once, after he was done fucking her, he let a bunch of cockroaches loose, through the slot, into the case. It took Fida a few mins to determine the source of the sudden strange, multiple sensations on her skin. After she did however, she started screaming so hard that Amir could hear her all throughout the house. She didn’t stop, until her throat turned sore and she wasn’t able to scream anymore. Still, Amir had a clear view of his mother’s ongoing voiceless screams with the cockroaches crawling all over her, on their tele. He also experimented a lot with the feed that he gave his mother while she was stored away. He often fed her vile concoctions, which left her in complete agony for days. Once, he mixed dirt, rotten eggs and cheap rum and kept her on that diet for three days straight. All throughout that time, Fida suffered from terrible diarrhea. Amir stored up all the liquid poop, evacuated by the apparatus, feeding it back over the next four days. Fida was so weakened this time around, that she had to be admitted into intensive care for a week.

It took her a full 2 months to recover, after which she was immediately back in full slave mode. “mmnnn aaahhhh!!” the sucking noises made by his considerably thinner but still a bit chubby mother on his asshole resonated in the entire house. “Here you go mom this is your special homecoming meal, its extra spicy!” said Amir as he took a drag out of a joint and started evacuating his filled morning bowels into his mother’s hungry mouth. “I missed the taste of your shit so much while I was in the hospital my son, my master.” said Fida after she hungrily gulped down the last of her son’s shit and was busy licking her fingers. ”really mom? Even though you begged me each day to give you a packet of my shit so you could eat it during night?” Said Amir smirking. “Still, that’s nothing compared to the feeling I got from receiving it straight from my master’s ass hole.” Said Fida smiling back and caressing Amir’s balls.

” So my mashter” said Fida, taking her son’s cock into her mouth, “what do you have planned for me now?” Pulling his mom’s face off his dick by grabbing her hair, and to Fida’s surprise started kissing her deep. ”mmnnnnn nnnoooo mashte itsh dirhty…” Fida moaned as she came again and again. “The thing is,” Amir said “the last two months gave me a lot of time to think about us, and I think I sometimes miss us being just a family…” said Amir while holding Fida’s eyelids open and licking her eyeballs, “I know we can never go back, but I want to marry you, and have a kid…” he said sticking his tongue underneath the eyeball making it plop out slightly as Fida groaned from having this completely new experience. “But master, I love the pain you inflict on me so much I can’t, I won’t be able to live without it.” “I know mom that’s why we are going to move to dolcett county USA where everything from incest to snuff is publicly accepted, there first we will have our nikah, and then we will sign a snuff contract making you my official slave and possession.” said Amir circling his tongue on the circumference of the eyeball. ”A snuff contract?” said Fida breathing heavily as her son took his tongue out from underneath the eyeball and pressed it back into the socket using his tongue. “Yes mom, a contract laying out the terms of your service and the terms of their completion to me your owner…” said Amir with a huge smile on his face. “That sounds like a dream master, but I don’t think I will be able to give you a child…” said Fida. “No need to worry about that mom, the reproductive technology there is so advanced that it doesn’t matter what age, you can still have a kid. And the second time that you get pregnant,” said Amir grabbing her underbelly “we will snuff you along with the kid in your belly as a family.”… Fida was almost in tears hearing this “I love you so much my son, my master and my husband…”

Ch. 6

It took a few months before Amir could finish making all the preparations for the 2 of them to leave India and settle in the town of dolcett. He had to find a new job, sell off his considerable properties, and buy a new house in their new city. Meanwhile Fida was excited about her second marriage and was getting preparations ready for that, with the encouragement of her son, she found a part time job as a design engineer for a company that designed high tech torture devices. After these preparations were finished, Amir invited his and Fida’s extended family for a farewell feast, this included Fida’s parents and 3 sisters and 2 brothers. They were all quite surprised to learn that Fida and Amir were moving. Later that night, as Fida tried to hide her moans while Amir massaged her anus with his fist slowly, he took hold of her labial rings and roughly yanked her out of the bad, Fida tried to hold out from making any sounds while Amir started one of his now regular beatings, slapping her face left and right repeatedly. Then he dragged her down to the basement of the house where, earlier, Amir had Fida make a few modifications to the plumbing system of the house.

Fida had replaced the pipes leading to the sewage from the toilet above with a parallel system. One of the pipes was like the previous, wherein a direct connection to the sewage and in the other one, an expandable tube leading into a leather mask with a double horse dildo stand underneath. Locking her in to the dildo stand (using her various piercings) Amir explained that he had spiked all the food with a mild laxative, and in a few hours she can expect a torrent of shit, piss and toilet paper being flushed down the toilet. As Fida was the one who build the contraption, she knew what to expect, there was no other airway than the tube, so, if she failed to chew and gulp down whatever came down there she could very well die. “So dear mother, my painslut and lover, consider this as a final farewell gift from your previous life,” He said as he fixed the leather mask with tube onto a visibly terrified Fida, “this is also your final test before you get to marry me, your master.” Amir gave her a kiss over the mask, Turned off the light bulb and walked upstairs. In their bedroom, Amir started up his laptop and turned on the video for the two cams he had Fida setup earlier one over the toilet and the other over the contraption onto which she herself was attached. Then he waited with his hard dick out for the inevitable show to begin

It didn’t take long for the first person to go for their morning dump, it was Fida’s father Mohammad Ismail who was 70 yrs. old now. He straddled the commode and let out a stream of piss and liquid diarrhea. As he let out the stream of filth into the toilet, Amir could see Fida shaking as she hurriedly cleared whatever came through the tube as fast as she could. Amir jerked his cock focusing on the retching noises made by his bound mother. When his grandfather had finished he wiped his ass with a large amount of toilet paper and flushed it down the toilet and into his daughter’s mouth, when the package of paper and shit reached Fida at the end of the stream of liquid filth, She responded with violent coughing. In the video screen Amir so his mother’s body jerking as the brownish paper mass went back up and down the tube a few times before Fida steeled herself and managed to swallow it. At this point Amir came buckets. After this Fida expertly gulped down the shit from her brothers and sisters, by the time the last person, Fida’s mother came to use the toilet Fida’s stomach was bulging out from all the sewage she had consumed and resembled an 8 month’s pregnancy. Amir came for the fifth time that morning as he saw his 60 yr. old grandma get undressed and take a shit on the toilet. However this was the last straw for Fida as she couldn’t hold down the nausea anymore, and her distended stomach revolted and half the contents (toilet paper, feces and urine) came back out into the transparent tube backing it up all the way to the top. Immediately realizing her fatal mistake, she tried to gulp back her vomit but this only mad her empty more of her stomach contents back out. In a few mins she started choking in her own vomit of feces and urine, and then…. She suddenly gasped as Amir was giving CPR to her turning her side she coughed out a bit of shit and TP the was in her airway.

“It’s time to wake up slave” Amir said as he hosed down his naked mother with the ice cold water jet “We have to say goodbye to the guests, this is the last time you get to see them after all…” Fida’s eyes flew open remembering that her family was still in their house. She hurried into the bathroom and washed her face and hair which were caked in shit and vomit because of the mask, when she reached for the toothbrush, Amir swiped her legs out from under her, with a low kick and she fell with a loud thud onto the bathroom floor. “Why master?” Fida asked with tears in her eyes. “ I forbid you to brush, you scat slut,” Amir said with a huge grin on his face, So Fida donned her hijab and the mother and son went out to bid farewell to their family and their past with it. When asked by her parents why she was wearing the Hijab now, she told them that she needed to go somewhere right afterwards, However Amir noticed all of them scrunch their faces up and look confused as Fida hugged them all farewell one by one. They all seemed confused with the terrible potty like smell coming from Fida

Afterward they completed their final preparations and finally the day of their flight to the new country arrived. When the time came to finally leave, Fida couldn’t help herself but get emotional as she took a last look at the land which gave her life, happiness and finally a meaning and purpose. With the mother and son hand in hand, flew off onto the next part of their electrifying lives.


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